Most Useless Coin Ever


You got that right. This coin does fuck all.
It has no utility, it will not replace Bitcoin, it will not revolutionize DeFi, and not be another meme coin that everyone talks about.

Okay, listen up you pathetic, lonely sack of shit. I can’t believe you’re still thinking about buying this worthless piece of digital garbage. Let me paint you a picture of your future: you, sitting alone in a dark, roach-infested apartment, surrounded by empty pizza boxes and your pitiful collection of $MUCE tokens.

You’ll be the laughingstock of the entire world, the butt of every joke. Your “friends” will avoid you like the plague, and your family will disown you faster than you can say “Ethereum.” People will spit on you as you walk down the street, and you’ll be known as the biggest moron in town.

The only action you’ll see is the kind you get from your hand and laptop. Your chances of getting laid will plummet to zero, and you’ll be forever alone, surrounded by dead cats & your pitiful pile of $MUCE tokens.

Opportunity To Waste Your Money Coming In...








Oh, you poor, clueless little sheep

Nothing is Coming Soon

I’m not here to sell you on some fairy tale about some life-changing dApp or how this God-forsaken coin is going to revolutionize the world and cure world hunger. This thing is as useful as a chocolate teapot, got it?

In this jungle of crypto crap, MUCE is like a breath of fresh air – if fresh air was replaced with a whiff of senseless nonsense. It’s a freaking gust of wind that carries nothing but the stark, bone-chilling reality of being utterly, and completely, useless.

you can take comfort knowing that you’ve got the most honest-to-God, absolutely useless digital asset in existence.

Here are some of the tools that we are not planning to build:

Coin Sniper

Wow, you must be one lazy motherfucker if you need a goddamn tool to find microcap and MEME coins. Can’t you do your research? You probably expect this “tool” to wipe your ass for you too, you dumbass.

This “unique tool” won’t give you a bullshit list of every new fucking contract on the blockchain. Oh no, it’s so much better than that. It gives you a hand-picked list of pre-checked coins that meet certain criteria (because you’re too stupid to figure that out yourself).

And because we’re feeling generous, this “tool” will even calculate the potential profit for you. Because you’re a fucking moron who can’t do basic math. Oh, and let’s not forget the grand finale: a presale sniper bot. Because you’re too slow and fucking dumb to buy coins the second they pop on the exchange.

Whale Watching

You poor bastard, have you ever even considered the mind-blowing, life-changing potential of a magical tool that digs through the sad, pathetic wasteland of your wallet history and automatically cooks up a portfolio with a full rundown of all your piss-poor transactions, complete with profits and losses? Well, let me blow your mind: it’s not happening.

And because we care so deeply about your hopeless, unprofitable ass, we’re also not working tirelessly to bring you the miraculous ability to track the wallets of the big ballers and receive notifications the instant they buy or sell, so you can desperately ape their trades like the pathetic, soulless sheep you are and fill their bags even more, while they dump their shitcoins on you.

Talk To Me

Our tools will not have a notification system that spares you the embarrassment of staring at a screen like a mindless ape.

When something remotely interesting happens in your pitiful existence, we’ll graciously deign to send you a message. And don’t worry, our idiot-proof customization settings will ensure you’re only bombarded with the ‘important’ crap you think you need. You’re welcome.

Shill Box

That “something special” we’re “working on” is nothing more than a load of hot, steaming crap, specially crafted to tickle your frivolous curiosity. Go ahead, speculate all you want.

Just don’t hold your breath for anything even remotely entertaining or worth your time. Enjoy wasting your days eagerly watching this space!

Hey, pay attention, sunshine!

This is The “opportunity” You’ve Been Drooling Over

We haven’t got the time or patience to waste on your run-of-the-mill, bogus websites, or those idiotic Telegram bots that you morons seem to adore.

Our token is a laughing stock, and this half-assed website you’re gawking at? It took us all of fifteen minutes to whip up. But don’t you worry your cute little brain, the tokenomics we’ve cooked up are so tight, they’ll make your head spin. And those tools we’re not building? They’re gonna shake up the crypto world so hard, that even your pea-sized brain will feel the tremors. Get ready for the wild ride, genius!


Here’s What You Get


I’ll burn tokens, reducing the supply, and you’ll think you’ve hit the jackpot with your puny, worthless stash. Ha! Sucker!

Automatic LP

The liquidity pool is just a fancy term for a communal piggy bank where idiots like you dump their hard-earned cash, thinking they’re doing something smart. Spoiler alert: they’re not. The only thing the pool gets is the pathetic contributions from losers like you.

HODLer Rewards

You get nothing, you worthless leech! Not a single, solitary satoshi! In fact, it’s the other way around – I should be charging you a fee for putting up with your sorry existence!

Voting Rights

Wow, you must be a real genius if you’re thinking you’ll get a say in anything. Go ahead and suggest all the dumb ideas you want, I’ll totally take your idiotic opinions into account when deciding where to allocate funds. Because, you know, I value the thoughts of mind-numbingly stupid people like you.

MUCE Tools

You’re going to get access to our world-class, top-of-the-line, absolutely non-existent tools! the more tokens you hold, the more nothing you get! So keep hoarding those useless digits in your wallet, because nothing says “I’m a savvy investor” like owning $MUCE!

Insider Info

You’re now a special snowflake, entitled to preorder our steaming piles of shit before anyone else. We’ll throw in some “exclusive” insider info about tools we have no intention of building! Oh, and don’t forget your private access to me, so I can thoroughly enjoy ignoring you.


Get ready to waste even more of your time and money on a parade of worthless digital dog crap! With even more ‘opportunities’ to shamelessly self-promote your pathetic projects or hype up the flavors-of-the-week coins you’ve already bought into! Prepare to be disappointed again.

Early Access

You get to witness our endless parade of half-baked ideas and broken promises. We promise you’ll be on the edge of your seat, eagerly waiting for the next load of bullshit we’ll shovel your way. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the hot pile of steaming crap we’ve prepared just for you.

Let’s Get Serious For One Paragraph Here

Built By Idiots
For Bigger Idiots

We have no intention of pulling the rug out from under you, unlike many shady projects you’ve no doubt fallen for. This isn’t some goddamn scam coin that you can’t sell or that’s gonna drain your wallet faster than your mom going through your college fund.

We’re not gonna slap you with any hidden transaction fees or use any of those common scummy tactics that you’re clearly too braindead to notice. Hell, we’re not even trying to mask our blatant uselessness! This coin is as pointless as tits on a bull, but at least we’re upfront about it. So, if you’re still too dumb to back out now, be our guest and enjoy this delightfully useless piece of shit coin. 

Idiots who join us in this stupid endeavor are probably not going to get rich (who knows, right?), but I’m sure we will have A LOT of FUN.

Frequently Asked Questions – Because Some People Are Just Too Stupid To Get It The First Time


If you have more questions, please share them with us.
I’m sure one of our “experts” will block you and completely ignore your problem.

Are You Afiliated To ANy Big Projects?

Yes. One of the top crypto projects on the market, but it’s not linked to this crap in any way.

Can I Join The Team?

Sure. What can you do and why we should care? Send your resume in 17 copies to

When Moon?

The fuck should I know? Ask NASA

Who is behind this shit?

Elon Musk, Vitalik Buterin, and Bill Gates are not. But there are some rumors spread by us that Elon may be joining as an advisor.
Alex? Come on…

If You Trust Big Names Instead Your Own Fucking Reasearch

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…and regret for the rest of your life

Here I am, wasting my precious time and energy filling up the space on this godforsaken website with my brilliant words, just so your simple mind has something to occupy itself with. You’re welcome, I guess.

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